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The choir had a huge George Michael tribute planned in Bristol, but Covid-19 curtailed their fun.

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Two boats could soon start running between Wales and England, with other routes on the horizon.

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Staff employed by the airport are at risk as coronavirus continues to impact the airline industry.

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Julian Glover's collection including his Star Wars' General Veers badge of rank is up for auction.

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Actress Julia Sawalha says she was told she sounds "too old" to play the voice of Ginger again.

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Recent discoveries at Colston Hall in Bristol have added to the cost, the city mayor says.

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The chief constable said PC Tim Silverwood was "a disgrace to the uniform he once wore".

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Residents say the building is "the heart of the black community" and losing it would be a "tragedy".

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Medics are asking Mr Justice Hayden to decide if the man is mentally capable of making decisions.

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Councillor Cleo Lake says Bristol's mayor is "not hearing" calls for a commission to be set up.

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Aden Mohamoud is told he will serve a minimum of 12 years and one month behind bars.

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Mohamed Sayaqle said the community had collected more than 7,500 to buy two mobile testing labs for Somaliland.

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Community News

Cost of Living Rising!

Posted by Administrator : Tuesday 12th March 2013

COSTING US OUR LIVELIHOOD? It is estimated that the cost of living looks expected to continue to rise this year with stable incomes versus increasing costs of everyday household items. In recent years the cost of living has been as high as 5 times more than wage rises.

Push For Local Apprenticeships

Posted by Administrator : Monday 11th March 2013

INVESTING IN THE LOCAL WORKFORCE. The Bristol council and government have tried many initiatives over the years, one being local apprenticeships.

Getting Involved In The Community

Posted by Administrator : Sunday 10th March 2013

ARE YOU INVOLVED IN THE COMMUNITY? Despite the economic downturn in recent years we have seen it has really raised the local people of the communities’ spirits and brought a feeling of togetherness.

Do You Support Your Local Businesses?

Posted by Administrator : Wednesday 6th March 2013

LENDING YOUR LOCAL SUPPORT. Do you use your local shop? Do you go to the local pub? Do you visit your local butcher? Many studies have shown that support in local businesses is on the up.

Council Tax Rises As Councils Set To Save Money

Posted by Administrator : Friday 1st March 2013

MORE CUTS..... GREAT!!! Many councils across the UK now have the choice to either increase council tax, raise the funds by cutting back on other factors or even worse they do both.

Dealing With Stress At Work

Posted by Administrator : Monday 25th February 2013

ARE WE GETTING TOO STRESSED AT WORK? While some workplace stress is completely normal, excessive stress can interfere with your productivity and impact your physical and emotional health. This means your ability to deal with it can mean the difference between success or failure.

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